Continuing the Bhakti-sastri Course in New Raman Reti: Tasting the Nectar

HH Bhakti Prabhupada Vrata Damodara Swami will take over from where Guru Prasada Swami left off by facilitating the last four lessons in Spanish medium of Nectar of Instruction on Sundays, October 15, 22 & 29 and November 5 from 10 am to 1:30 pm. 

He will begin by enabling each devotee to enter into an understanding of his or her level of spiritual advancement, as a means for stimulating further advancement. Damodara Swami will achieve this by drawing powerful learning experiences from Rupa Goswami's and Prabhupada's teachings.  From there he'll concentrate on accelerating this advancement, by giving priority to improving one's chanting.

He will finish off his Nectar of Instruction facilitation by enabling students to grasp an overview of the higher and highest levels of spiritual advancement and the means to get there.

 Krishna Institute’s Suggested Donation Policy

An important principle of bhakti is to do for others without motive. In our Krishna Institute culture, teachers share their understandings of sastra and of devotional skills as an act of devotion rather than for profit. In this way we try to keep our offerings affordable because we understand how integral teaching and learning are to the exchange of bhakti within our movement.

We, therefore, suggest a donation of $19 during registration for the last 4 Nectar of Instruction lessons of the Bhakti-sastri Course to simply cover our administration costs, such as course materials, transportation, promotion, communication and other various technology expenses. Even though the course has begun, we are still enrolling students and giving them powerful facility to catch up, such as recordings of classes and printouts of the texts from the PowerPoint presentations.

So how do our teachers survive? The answer is that pure teachers depend on Krishna and appreciative students honor this mood by sharing a donation from the heart (daksina), according to their means at the end of the course. Gratitude and generosity from student to teacher are an important part of our bhakti tradition.

More Details on Krishna Institute's Bhakti-sastri Course

A team of senior devotees will facilitate the Krishna Institute's Bhakti-sastri Course. They'll share their knowledge and realizations in an interactive, student friendly format, designed to help students address their needs

The KI's Bhakti-sastri Course will be a unique experience for most devotees, as our facilitators will offer the workshops using student-centered learning facilitation methods. This means facilitators will emphasize interactive learning experiences with lecturing comprising maybe 30 - 65% of each session, depending on the section of the course being covered and the discretion of the facilitator. Student learning exercises will comprise the remaining 70 - 45%

We are confident the Krishna Institute's Bhakti-sastri Course will empower devotees as preachers, teachers, leaders, parents, lifetime servants of Prabhupada's mission, and as devotees moving in the world yet remaining strong in their Krishna consciousness.

This course comprises an in-depth study of Nectar of Instruction, Bhagavad-gita, Sri Isopanisad, and Nectar of Devotion. We've designed the course for devotees who have been practicing Krishna consciousness for at least a year, and have basic sastric knowledge and understanding. Senior devotees, however, will also benefit tremendously from the course and be able to make valuable contributions during the frequent discussions and group work throughout the course.

Our course has a modular design, which means you can take separate modules spread over a few years to suit your schedule, if you are unable to stay with the course as we are offering it sequentially. A Preliminary Self-study guide will be available soon for registered students in the Nectar of Instruction section of the course to enable you to prepare ahead for each lesson.

We'll schedule course classes on Sundays with a couple of Sundays off monthly and 2 to 3-week breaks every 2 to 3 months, during which time other workshops may be scheduled. We are connecting with devotees now to take up the facilitation service for different sections of the course. We'll soon publish the schedule for what will do after Nectar of Instruction.

Supporting Quotes from Srila Prabhupada

Every temple should be an educational center . . .

Brahmanas means they are teachers. . . So every temple should be an educational center, and the brahmanas should be engaged.    They should be properly educated and they should teach others also. In this way, temple means education in spiritual life.”

  Conversation, August 22, 1976

Become good preachers, and that depends on studying the books nicely.

I am very pleased that you are inclined to read and study our books with seriousness. Thank you very much. So continue it wholeheartedly. We want good preachers also. Preaching shouldn’t depend on me only. My disciples should become all good preachers, and that depends on studying the books nicely so that you can arrive at the right conclusion.

Letter to: Hrdayananda, Los Angeles 5 July, 1971

We need so many preachers who are soundly versed in the scriptures . . . .

I am glad to see how nicely you are reading my books. Please continue to do this. We need so many preachers who are soundly versed in the scriptures to convince the world to take to Krishna consciousness.

Letter to: Vrindaban Candra, Bombay 9 November, 1970

I will never die. I live in my books.

The day after Prabhupada arrived a press conference was held, with all the major newspapers and television stations represented. Sitting under the glare of TV lights in the large Berkeley temple room, Prabhupada was faced with the question, "What will happen to the movement when you die?" His answer came back immediately: "I will never die." All the guests and devotees cheered and Prabhupada continued, "I live in my books."

Summer Sessions With Srila Prabhupada, Back to Godhead Magazine #10-10, 1975

See Krishna Face to Face

"Nowadays it seems that many of the older disciples like yourself are having difficulty. If you do not set the example for the younger students and take the responsibility for instructing them in the right line, how will things go on? Try to always study our books and see our philosophy from different lights of directions. Become convinced yourself of this knowledge, and without a doubt all your difficulties of mind will disappear forever and you will see Krishna face to face.”

Letter to Bhagavatananda, July 8, 1972

Read & Follow

"In my books the philosophy of Krishna consciousness is explained fully, so if there's anything you do not understand, then you simply have to read again and again. By reading daily the knowledge will be revealed to you, and by this process your spiritual life will develop….You may please me the most by reading my books and following the instructions therein."

Letter to Bahurupa, November 22, 1974

Importance of Hearing

“A sincere devotee must, therefore, be prepared to hear the Vedic literature like the UpanisadsVedanta and other literatures left by the previous authorities or Goswamis, for the benefit of his progress. Without hearing such literatures, one cannot make actual progress. And without hearing and following the instructions, the show of devotional service becomes worthless and therefore a sort of disturbance in the path of devotional service. Unless, therefore, devotional service is established on the principles of sruti, smriti, purana, or pancaratra authorities, the make-show of devotional service should at once be rejected. An unauthorized devotee should never be recognized as a pure devotee. By assimilation of such messages from the Vedic literatures, one can see the all-pervading localized aspect of the Personality of Godhead within his own self constantly. This is called samadhi.”

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.12, Purport

Our Facilitators

BPV Damodara Swami took sannyasa from Niranjana Swami on March 17, 2013 in Mayapur. He's a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, whom he first met in the sixties in New York City at 26 2nd Avenue, where he was a regular guest. It was years later that he joined as a grihasta in Boston.

He's preaching Srila Prabhupada's and Mahaprabhu's glories around the world. He's been focusing his preaching, however, in South America, where he has taken up the task of setting up the Bhakti-sastri Course and other  courses and seminars in Trindad and Guyana. Guru Prasada Swami has appointed him as a member of the Caribbean Council.


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